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Almost 10,000 Illegal Residents Exit UAE After Amnesty

The UAE government's two-month amnesty programme extends until February 4.

By Gulf Business | Industry | Published: 8th January 2013 at 13:37

Up to 9,453 illegal residents in the UAE have exited the country without facing prosecution since the government introduced a two-month grace period on December 4 2012, a senior interior ministry said.

In total, 20,391 applicants from 106 countries have applied for amnesty, official news agency WAM quoted Dr. Abdullah bin Sahou, director general of Residency and Foreign Affairs' Department in Sharjah and head of the amnesty media committee as saying.

He appealed to illegal immigrants to report to the nearest centre to process their departure transactions or contact the free toll number 8005111 for detailed information about the required documents.

He also confirmed that the ministry would receive voluntary applications "with convenience and streamline their departure transactions with ease."

The ministry of interior has warned that the deadline for amnesty will not be extended and that after February 4, offenders will face hefty fines.

The UAE had announced a similar amnesty programme in 2007, when around 342,000 illegal residents left the country.

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