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Top 10 Safest Airlines In The World

Nervous flyer? Fear no more. Fly with one of these airlines to (almost) guarantee your safety.

By Gulf Business | World | Published: 16th January 2014 at 18:38

Three Middle East airlines have been rated in the top 10 safest airlines in the world, according to an industry website.

Out of 448 airlines rated in the study by, Emirates came third, Etihad fourth and Royal Jordanian tenth.

Australian carrier and Emirates partner Qantas maintained its record as the world's safest airline, with zero fatalities in its history.

The site said 2013 was the safest year to date for flying since 1945 with only 269 deaths from 29 accidents, figures below the 10-year average of 719 fatalities from 32 accidents.

Here are the world's safest airlines:

1. Qantas

Inside Qantas Facilities Ahead Of 1H Earnings

2. Air New Zealand

(FILES) This file photo taken on Februar

3. Emirates

Emirates Airline's Airbus A380 lands for

4. Etihad


5. Cathay Pacific


6. Singapore Airlines

Images Of Singapore Airlines Ahead Of Results

7. Virgin

Virgin Blue Group Launches New Aircraft In Sydney

8. Eva Air

This picture taken in Tangerang on Febru

9. All Nippon Airways


10. Royal Jordanian

Illustration On Aerial Transport In Paris, France In 1993.

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